In the year 1952 Tavancore Cochin TT Association was formed at Trivandrum with Late Col Godavarma Raja as President, who was also President of the then Sports Council.


In the year 1953 National TT Championship was conducted at Trivandrum with participation of 100 players from different states of the country. Since then we had conducted National level Championships as follows.

1- Combined Nationals at Palghat in the year 1981.
2- Senior Nationals at Calicut in the year 1990.
3- Sub Jr Nationals thrice at Calicut, alappuzha and Ernakulam.
4- Jr Nationals once at Ernakulam.


In the year 1955 Late Shri N Krishna Moorthy was appointed as State Coach by Sports Council, who was an ex-state player of Madras so also an NIS Coach of the first batch of Raj Kumari Amrith Kaur coaching scheme. He continued as coach till his retirement and continued as a free lance coach till his death in Kerala. In fact in the early years he produced a lot of State players and was the Chief Architect of Kerala Table Tennis.


By formation of Kerala state in the year 1957 the Association was re-named as Kerala Table Tennis Association and Malabar also became part of the Association and started forming District wise TT association in all 14 Districts with voting right to elect office bearers of State Association. In fifties, sixties and seventies State association was possessing a Hall which could accommodate three Tables, Toilet facility and an office room under our control at Cantonment area at Trivandrum. All the activities like conduct of tournaments and coaching camps and practice session for players were centralized there till the land was acquired by State co-operative Bank to build their Head quarters on condition that the same space will be allotted at the ground floor to association when building is completed. But Govt failed to do so and all our efforts to regain the facility was in vain.

Till the formation of KTTA the main events were Inter club TT tournament by state association and open tournaments conducted by few clubs like Tomco sports club Ernakulam, Laurel club Fort Cochin, FACT sports association Udyogmandal, SBT Trivandrum, CYMA Quilon, YMCA Kottayom etc. Since inception of KTTA inter district championship and state championship came in to existence which has given vide popularity and publicity to the game. In this context it is worth mentioning that the association has never failed to field team for Nationals till date.



M/S Col Goda Varma Raja
K Ramachandran
S N Nair M
K Vijaysanker
A K K Nair
Abraham Thomas
S V Venkitaraman
P A Mathew
K Jhon Cherian
Titus C Philipose
S A S Navaz


M/S K Ramachandran
Dr P Sukumaran/S Lakshman/T Rajan
P K Venkitaraman/R S Pai
Titus C Philipose
S Radhakrishnan Nair
Titus C Philipose
Titus C Philipose
Regi Kumar
Regi Kumar
S A S Navaz
Deepak Ted


We have got quite a good number of Inter National Umpires. Shri N Ganeshan who started his TT carrier as an umpire has become an Inter National Referee so also Shri A Satheesan has become a Blue Badge Umpire. TTFI has appointed Shri Ganeshan as a full time Competion Manager for all National and Zonal championship on honorarium basis.


1- R S Balachandran [ twice junior national champion]
2- A Radhika [national champion women once, represented India in Atlanta Olympics]
3- Bona Thomas John [represented India]
4- V Srinivasan [ represented India]
5- Maria Rony [ represented India in World junior team championship and won GOLD ]


The present KTTA has started coming up in organisationl level so also the performance of players in National level and Inter National level from the year 1980 to the present status.